Ultimate luxuries of life

luxury lifestyle

The ultimate luxury lifestyle is:

  1. Living with peace: If you don’t have peacefulness in heart and living everyday with fear, sadness, there is no life even if you have luxurious things around. “Make Peace with your past so it will not haunt your future”.
  2. Having people to share: First “Be your own friend” Whatever the cadre you have, how much successful you are, luxury is measured by the genuine and loving, caring people you are surrounded with. Just imagine, you have enormous money but not even one person who really loves and cares you, then you are not living luxurious life.
  3. Eating what you like: Go and ask people who have sugar, diabetes etc…they must not eat what they like to protect their body. So even they have money they can’t eat what they want. So having health is real luxury.
  4. Living without having any debts: Talk to the people who have loans, debts. They struggle hard to pay that every month. They live with tension. So, if you have no credit card payments, loans and debts (where you have to pay interest every month),then you are living luxurious life.
  5. Able to fulfill your basic needs: Without taking money from others, if you can fulfill all of your basic needs and also can spend for trips(if you have love for travelling), then you are living luxurious life.

And if you are married and have a loving and understanding, supportive partner then your life is filled with happiness and you will experience real luxury.


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