Pros and Cons of Camping


Pros and Cons of Camping

There are many pros and cons of camping one could think of, so I came up with few of them so that you can have an idea of the basics.


  1. Hiking and jogging .
  2. Some days away from the gadgets and close to nature
  3. It resets your body clock as you will go to bed as soon as it gets dark and will wake up as the sun rises
  4. You will have BBQ in breakfast.
  5. The kids playing outside without having the Ipod with them as the battery would eventually die out.
  6. Away from the adult responsibilities.
  7. Do not have to follow orders by your boss!
  8. Cheerful and cheap


  1. If it is raining the water could seep into your tents.
  2. Too many insects to deal with should have proper arrangements and medics
  3. Sharing the shower with the other campers
  4. Using the bathroom can be a bit of inconvenience
  5. Setting up a proper camp can be time consuming and tricky.

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