How to promote youtube video

How to promote youtube video

How to promote youtube video 

Earning from Youtube channel is a great income source for many of the people now a day. But still many of those people are looking for the answer “How to promote youtube video”

  • If a video is posted to YouTube, but gets zero views, does it even exist?
  • Where is my youtube video?
  • How to rank my youtube video?
  • All of these question can be answer in question “How to promote youtube video”

Paid promotion is fine but making your video content acknowledged with crickets is the main goal, you need to create videos that stand out from the crowd.

For Awesome Youtube videos follows these golden rules

  1. You need to create great titles for your video

Title is the one of the first things you look at when deciding whether or not to watch a YouTube video, Your title should be Short and to the point and Descriptive with include keywords. Your video should not be long and it must contain focused keyword and must be eye-catching.


2.You need to Create clear and eye catching YouTube Thumbnails

Create thumbnail that describe your video, like if you are making video of tutorial then thumbnail must show that its a tutorial video. Use high resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio thumbnail. It will be so much easier to promote your YouTube video if your content makes sense, and your thumbnail is a key part of this.

  1. You need to Optimize your channel

Create a attractive, clear, compelling and outstanding profile with implicit description of what your channel is all about. Choose your channel color theme according to your channel content.

  1. Dont Forget to do Video SEO

Add related tags to your video, you can go to this tool and post the title of the video and it will generate you tags for the video. So can even provide this tool the link of youtube video and it will extract its keywords and tags. Your video will rank much better with these tags instead of tag you put yourself.

  1. You need to Stay active in the community

While SEO can help increase visibility of your YouTube channel, nothing compares to authentic engagement. You need to answer every comment on your video and you can ask them to subscribe to your channel.


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