How to promote your aliexpress dropshipping business

how to promote your aliexpress dropshipping business

How to promote your aliexpress dropshipping business?

The most popular and most rewarding is using Facebook ads but its most difficult as well to promote your aliexpress dropshipping business with facebook ads.

The reason for facebook ads been most influential for aliexress dropshipping business is that it’s so powerful is because you can go from $0 in sales to $250,000 in just a matter of days.

I’ve had some weeks where i’ll consistently make $7000-$10,000 a day. After 2–3 weeks, the Facebook campaign tends to die and not become profitable, and then it’s time to move on to a new product.

With Facebook ads say you spend $10. If for every $10 you spend you make $25 profit… then in theory for every $1000 you spend you will make $2500 in profit.

I say in theory because often times when you being to scale the ratio doesn’t remain the same, but if you know what you are doing it will stay close.

And this is how you make a lot of money dropshipping.

I have friends that will spend $10,000 A DAY on Facebook ads. Not because they’re rich – but simply because the ROI is there. For every $10k they spend, they get $40k back. You get the idea.

Keep in mind, FB ads is not easy. I’ve spent over $1000 testing new products and lost it all… however once you find that one killer product, you make your $1000 initial investment plus loads more in just a day or two lol.

If you want a more straight forward route, look into Instagram Affiliates (or Instagram shoutouts). This method requires almost no skill to do, but it is also less rewarding and less scalable. I don’t think you can make anywhere close to $5k-10k a day – probably more like $500–2k a day – but it requires a lot more work reaching out to influencers, arranging prices, the time details of each post, and etc.

I hope this helps! Dropshipping is awesome and very fun when you’re making the money. When you’re not, it’s very frustrating and that’s why most people give up 🙂


You can try Facebook , Twitter & Instagram.

I will recommend some tools for you.

1: Google Trends

Function: Product research tools, customizable survey by looking at the keywords in Google’s search times and trends, can indirectly see the industry’s overall trend performance. To help inventory management, according to the sales situation in the past year to stock.

2:Google Keyword Planner

Function: It mainly provides the historical search data of Google search engine, the depth keyword research, also can find the key words which the customer concerns.


3: ShopMaster(

ShopMaster is a one-stop sales management platform for sellers, which can import products from Aliexpress,1688 & Alibaba, and then list the product on your eBay, Wish, Amazon & Shopify stores easily and quickly.

Also, ShopMaster can support four sale channels, Shopify, Amazon, Wish, eBay, and more sale channels are coming up.

Thankyou 🙂


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