How to promote facebook page

How to promote facebook page

How to promote facebook page ?

In the Era, Everyone is looking for an answer for “ How to promote facebook page ”, If I ever need to promote my facebook page, I would start from making sure that my Page looks attractive, i would add visual appealing posts, add cover that describe my page and profile photos (Business logo if its a business page) , write description that gives information in ‘About’ section, create few nice posts. You must answer not explicitly but implicitly that

  • Explain what is the purpose of the Page?
  • What people can expect from the Page?
  • and Why they should Like your Page?

Now once you start getting some likes you can start with the promotion, but make sure you have enough organic like that’s very essential for running effective promotion.

  • How to create effective post?

Answer to this question is pretty simple, “KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid”
Write eye catching description 1-2 lines, if you are sharing image with some quote in it, don’t forget to write it in the post description as well. Post’s Images are very important to get maximum reach of your post and don’t forget to use # (hashtags). To build your brand reputation you need to put # hashtag to your brand as well for example, #nike #adidas #reebok

Coming to paid promotion, the easiest way is of course to start run ads to desired targeting group so you need to target your audience well. You can find many articles to target your audience but no one can teach you target your audience, they may show you how they target their audience but your audience group is quite different, you need to BRAINSTORM, one of the basic thing to need to think is to think of target country, choose country that’s most converting with less CPC – Cost Per Click. If you’re prepared to spend some money, the easiest way would be to buy facebook advertising. I’d go for CPM to start with, where you are paying for your page to be displayed to 1000 people. Targeting your ads to people who like similar pages to yours would be your best bet.

Much more time and work consuming way is to produce viral (or just very good and shareable) content, share your Page and posts on other platforms, invite people over, gain some external links etc. All those activities (plus many more) are definitely something worth the effort.


You can get first 1000 likes by following these points

  • If you have a website or blog, link your FB page within the footer.
  • Paid advertising via Facebook.
  • Add your FB page within your signature on forums.
  • Add a FB page link below your name within any emails you send.
  • Join groups on FB and let others know about this.
  • Add a link from your Twitter account.
  • Any profile you have online, add your FB page to it.
  • Add your FB page link on your YouTube profile.


It’s a very short answer as for every Page you can come up with a totally different strategy, but hope it will help a bit. We must be interested in promoting your business with google shopping

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