How to promote your shopify store with facebook


How to promote your shopify store with facebook?

If you want to make most out of your shopify store, you need to have an active facebook page to promote your business. Posting on facebook can be hectic and boring but in this article I will tell you the ways to post and promote your shopify products on facebook in easiest and most exciting way.

There are many ways to post on facebook

1st type of Post
Most beneficial post is to post whole collection on facebook, You just need to copy URL of the collection, Post URL on facebook page. Write eye-catching post description, you can choose from product images or add images to the post. Don’t forget to mention # hashtag in the post description.

** This can be done for collections as well as products**

***Best post for getting visitor to website as they are clickable images***






2nd type of Post

shopifyOther type of post is to get attention of the viewer by posting quotes on your facebook page, if your page contains only products and collection post visitors will lose their interest and they might unfollow page. You can google some good quotes images. But don’t forget the basic of posting, hashtag is necessary in post description.

**Best for getting likes to facebook page**
***Post like these boosted to get likes but they do not help in directing customers to store***





3rd type of post

shopifyFirst integrate your facebook page to shopify store, Product will be shown in facebook shop, choose product from the shop and share it on facebook, but don’t forget the basic of posting ALWAYS USE HASHTAGS.

** Best for getting sales as price will also be there in the post **
*** paid promotion to be done with these posts having high conversion product (Gold product) **





4th type of Post (Recommended )

Copy name of your product from shopify and google it for articles or youtube video, For article! Just copy and paste article to your shopify blog and share it on your facebook page, For youtube! Download relevant video(step are shown in the image) alter the video if necessary and share it on facebook page. Post it on facebook page with product link and hashtags. 







Download video



Facebook is not only just posting on facebook page, you also have to

  • Share our post and links to different groups related to your niche
  • Comment on the posts of different group with your product URL


Million dollar tip
Your competitor might be running ads for their store, you just need to find your competitor ads on facebook and comment with your own product link, In such a way we will not spend a penny and your store will get a lot of traffic and they might convert to sale.


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